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What's WiseUp?

Our story began with an artist...

Independent Hip-Hop artist & entrepreneur Sylvan LaCue wanted to find a way to provide a space focusing on self development for artists & musicians to feel supported safe, & empowered on their musical quests. 

Realizing that there are many ways artists need support, WiseUp has made partnership a necessity. Collaborating with other companies to bring services to artists that focus on overall self development has been the key to fueling our mission.

Since then we have offered consulting programs, & studio services to our clients. Soon we will introduce multiple levels of support designated specifically for artists. 

This includes health & wellness, therapy, spiritual practice, fitness, education, holistic management artist development, record label & distribution services. Our goal is to be a space where artists can feel seen, heard, valued, & supported.


Sylvan LaCue has remained an independent Hip-Hop artist since 2009. As he began coming across success, he realized that there was a gap in the music industry when it came to supporting an artists overall wellness. 

At the height of his success, Sylvan fell into a severe depression experiencing bouts of burn out. This led to him picking up meditation, developing his own sense of wellness, & learning how to take better care of himself as well as his music business acumen.

Coming to grips with his own shortcomings during his journey, he realized that there are many just like himself that experienced the same thing. This is why WiseUp & Co was ultimately brought into fruition. To support artists who are looking to empower themselves. 


I created WiseUp & Co to help artists understand themselves & the choices available to them at every waking moment of their life & career. 

Sylvan LaCue

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