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What's WiseUp?

I created WiseUp & Co to help artists understand themselves & the choices available to them at every waking moment of their life & career. 

Sylvan LaCue


WiseUp & Co is a multi-service self development consulting & production company for artists & musicians. By focusing on wellness, education, & entrepreneurship, our aim is to empower artists to trust that their choice is the one the matters most when navigating the music industry. Our belief is that when artists understand themselves, they make choices that align with their truth business & personal life. Our platform is designed to provide resources by way of wisdom to help strengthen & support that choice.

Sylvan LaCue

Founder | CEO

Miami artist & entrepreneur Sylvan LaCue, has been steadily building a loyal fan-base over the years with unparalleled skills on the mic, a forward-thinking sound, and a humble perspective. LaCue left his first major mark on the music industry with his Searching Sylvan mixtape in the fall of 2014. The project was widely regarded as one of the best narratives to be told in rap that year, receiving praise from HotNewHipHop, Huffington Post, Complex, XXL and more. Searching Sylvan touched on everything from LaCue’s financial struggles and family battles to the rap game and the start of a new love -- cementing the rapper as one of rap's most poignant storytellers to watch. 


LaCue shed his original ‘QuESt’ artist name, going with his real name. The emcee went on to release his critically acclaimed album Far From Familiar in April of 2016, the official follow-up LP to his Searching Sylvan mixtape, catapulting LaCue into the next level of his career. 


Following so, LaCue released his sophomore album Apologies in Advance in January of 2018. The success of single's such as Best Me, Grateful, Guilt Trip, Selfish, & 5;55, have taken Sylvan's career into high form. Described as a 12 step program towards growth & acceptance, Sylvan's candor towards emotional, physical, & mental health have allowed him to carve out his own lane with honest music about human nature, finding his purpose, and being open in his lyrics about the 'not so perfect' parts of life.

Sylvan re-appeared in 2021 to release a series of EP’s entitled “Young Sylvan Trilogy.” With a heavier sound & approach, Sylvan expressed this as an opportunity to shed light on his childhood trauma’s while finding the bearings for his next full length LP.


After headlining a world tour, & turning down major label offers, Sylvan went on a hiatus to focus on his health, spirituality, & well being. He started his own company “WiseUp & Co.”, a platform dedicated to aiding artists with wellness & self development counsel while navigating the music industry, & began to re-imagine what his contributions might be to the music industry at large. 


In 2023, Sylvan continues to define his narrative on his own terms as an artist & entrepreneur.

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