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Wise Counsel

Get the guidance & clarity you're looking for regarding your artist career. 

Knowing when to ask for help is a crucial skill. My goal is to provide as much clarity to you where needed so that you can continue your journey in peace.

- Sylvan


Counsel Services


Pick My Brain Consulting

Have questions that you need an alternative perspective on? Book a call with me & pick my brain. 



Birds Eye View Career Strategy Consulting

Birds Eye View consulting is for artists who seek to build a vision for their personalized desired path in music. 

You’ll get: 

A 30 min call to ask questions & move through your curiosities.


​I specialize in the following

  • Music & project roll-outs

  • Building loyal fanbases

  • Cultivating artistry

  • Narrative & storytelling branding.

  • Creative Strategy

  • Career Trajectory

  • Music Business 101

You’ll get: 
  • A 30 min call to discuss your desires & interests & audit where you are in your journey.

  • A 60 minute call for road mapping strategic steps to take forward.

  • A strategy document with a detailed roadmap for your project as well as a timeline to follow towards your goals.

  • A 15 minute debrief call to make sure we're on the same page after roadmapping session.


Holistic Music Business Consulting

Creating art is already a lot. However, dealing with the business

is equally, if not sometimes more important to handle.

You'll get 
  • A 30 minute audit call to discuss what you need more of in your business operations.

  • A 60 minute strategy call to figure out your next steps. 

  • A strategy document detailing points & steps needed to take in order to achieve your desired outcome.

  • 15 min debrief call after receiving document.


Executive Production &

Storytelling Consulting 

This project management package will give you the full-scale support you need to finish your album.

You’ll get
  • A 60 minute discovery call to identify what you desire.

  • Weekly 60 minute calls to figure discuss where you are within the confines of creating your album & what you need in order to execute.

  • Feedback on music every step of the way including mix & masters.

  • Project plan with a complete timeline of when things should be finished.

  • Advisory of how to approach your roll out strategies.

Interested? Please fill out the form below & schedule your free 15 min discovery call. :)

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